Alec Baldwin Lisa Birnbach

Alec Baldwin and author Lisa Birnbach at the "True Prep" event. Photo courtesy of Brooks Brothers

Not much has changed in the land of "True Prep."

Lisa Birnbach, the author of "The Official Preppy Handbook" and successor "True Prep" admitted that there is sartorial status quo among the traditionalists.

"We still wear a lot of natural fibers," Birnbach admitted to StyleList, "though we wear fleece for sportswear. It's still pearls; simple, mostly solid-color clothes that feel good and that you can take from the day to a duck blind, you can wear in case of an emergency sporting match, or in case of a cocktail party."

And the crowd at the Brooks Brothers store in Midtown Manhattan reflected all she spoke of.

Birnbach friend Alec Baldwin admitted to going preppy. "When I went to Washington to go to college, everything was Britches of Georgetowne, Garfinckel's, Brooks Brothers, and Jos. A. Bank," he told StyleList.

"You went out and bought the clothes. It was like being in a nudist colony -- you've got to join."

So while true preps will share their style (or lack thereof), they're close-mouthed about everything else. "We did casting once to see if we wanted to do "The Real Housewives of Greenwich,'" Bravo's Andy Cohen remarked. "They were all too bound up. They weren't giving anything away," he added, "I don't think preppies make good TV. "

In related news, Levi's and Brooks Brothers recently collaborated on a collection of men's jeans.