woman sun bathing burnt eye glasses

Over 50 doesn't mean over your looks! Photo: Sven Jacobsen, Getty Images

Fifty is the new foxy, folks.

A new study from UK's Saga Magazine reveals that today's over-50 women are significantly more fixated on their appearance than their parents were, the Daily Mail reports.

The survey of 10,000 people found that baby boomers of both sexes were desperate to stay "toned, tanned, and tinted" by fake baking, stocking up on wrinkle cream, and undergoing plastic surgery, according to the paper.

Compared to their parents, people over 50 are reportedly 10 times more likely to use tanning beds or self-tanner and 14 times more likely to use wrinkle-fighting skin creams, while cosmetic surgery has nearly doubled in a generation.

Of course, innovations in technology and the mainstreaming of extreme beauty practices must play a part -- but there is plenty of vanity driving this looks-obsessed trend.

For instance, the study reportedly found that spending on cosmetics for the 50-and-over set has risen from £1.9 billion (or $2.8 billion) a year to £2.1 billion ($3.3 billion) in a decade.

And 15 percent of women over 50 admitted they wear padded bras, which is five times as many as when their mothers were their age, the paper reports.

"The over-50s are clearly taking matters into their own hands and using every method possible to remain as young-looking as possible," Saga's Emma Soames told the Daily Mail, citing the influence of glam older women like Helen Mirren.

First the grankini, now this? Dame Helen's got a lot to answer for!

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