Hillary Clinton blue pantsuit metallic hair clip

Hillary Clinton accessorizes with a questionable hair clip. Photo: Stan Honda, AFP / Getty Images

Oh, Hillary Clinton! Just when we think you're starting to get it right -- looking magnificent at daughter Chelsea's wedding and favoring trendy Robert Marc shades -- you go and do something like this.

On Sept. 19, Secretary of State Clinton hit the super-formal United Nations in New York City wearing her signature pantsuit (in sapphire blue), a full face of makeup, and -- wait for it -- a hair clip.

The uber-casual hair accessory, which appears to be silver or clear, kept Clinton's locks away from her face, while also making it appear as if she'd forgotten to finish her hair routine before running out the door.

Of course, this isn't Clinton's first hair folly. You'll recall the thick padded headbands that became her '90s calling card (see a slideshow of Clinton in all her headbanded glory).

All we can say is, at least it wasn't a banana clip -- or worse, though Catherine Zeta-Jones might argue: a scrunchie.

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