Ever thought of choosing your hairstyles by face shape? The right haircut and hairstyle can draw attention to your best facial features, and shift attention from anything you want to disguise. In our video series, The Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape, we explore the styles that look best on round, oval, square, long, and heart shaped faces.

Perfect Haircut

Jillana, before and after her Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape makeover. Photos: Cory Sorensen

Curly hair can be difficult to manage and when it's also fine and thinning, it can present some real challenges.

Nobody knows this better than our latest hairstyle makeover client: Jillana Laufer.

Laufer says she has been using deep conditioners on her hair to help build body, but celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean says those protein-enriched products can actually do more harm than good for thinning hair -- often leading to breakage. Instead, Dean suggests she use a tea tree oil and a cleansing conditioner versus a traditional lathering shampoo.

As far as Laufer's style, Dean says her hair color is two to three shades too dark. For the cut, he shortens her length and adds layers for more volume. Long, sweeping bangs help flatter her oval face, and a side part also works to shorten her longer facial shape.

"Wow! It's beautiful. I love it," said Laufer of her softer, fuller locks.

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