Sonia Rykiel Fall 2010 runway bag

A look from the Sonia Rykiel Fall 2010 runway, but with the right tools, you could make this on your own. Photo: Viktor Boyko/ Getty Images

You know the adage, the one about how accessories are always the right size. I tend to agree. And the great thing about creating your own adornments is that they are much faster to make than a regular garment, however it's all too easy to make accessories amateurish. Here's how to create some great pieces for fall without fail:

  • Wrap it Up: While scarves may appear easy to make, there are a couple of tricks that will give them that designer edge. Focus on fabric first, as it will ring of excellent quality. Banksville Fabric is one of my favorite resources where you can also order swatches. In terms of stitching, try a hand-rolled hem. The trusty needle and thread approach, along with a few simple slip stitches, will give your scarf a couture-like edge.