Jerseylicious Alexa Prisco blond hair purple silk one-shoulder top

Glam Fairy Alexa Prisco. Photo courtesy of the Style Network

"Jerseylicious" star Alexa Prisco, aka the "Glam Fairy," arrived at the Gatsby salon last year toting a case of high-end cosmetics and a whole lot of attitude.

StyleList dialed up the Style Network star and in-demand makeup artist for her perspective on the state of beauty in the Garden State, where caked-on eyeliner and bronzer seem to be a prerequisite for its reality show regulars.

Of course, we also made Prisco defend her bossy habit of waving her mascara wand in the face of put-upon apprentice Olivia Blois Sharpe.

StyleList: First, the way you treat Olivia. Why so mean?
Alexa Prisco: Don't worry about Olivia. You are going to see a great transition with her and she's really going to come into her own. I wouldn't call myself a mean person. I'm someone who cares about my business and wants things done properly. If someone doesn't fit my qualifications, I want them to do better and in a short period.

SL: Who at the Gatsby needs a makeover?
AP: [Laughs hard] Oh, trust me, I would give a makeover to anyone with $600. It could be a chimpanzee. But as far as the cast, I think the girls all look fine. I admit some of my outfits are over the top and theirs are too, but I don't feel the need to change them. It would take away from who they are..

SL: So define Jersey style?
AP: I wouldn't say I'm typical. I like big things, big rings and big jewelry, but I try to keep things in moderation. I leave the cheetah prints for Olivia and Tracy [DiMarco].

SL: Well, your makeup isn't exactly moderate. You've gotten hit pretty hard by some bloggers about your heavy hand.
AP: I feel completely comfortable with a smoky eye. That's what I think is beautiful. I like gold shadow. If someone wants to rip me in their blog, that's their right. I do beauty my way. The idea of a natural look kind of makes me cringe, to be perfectly honest.

SL: What are you beauty must-haves.
AP: I can't live without my face cream. I'm a La Mer girl. I use it two or three times a day, at least. It [costs] a fortune, but I don't want to get a face-lift when I'm older. I love Chanel cake bronzer. It melts into your skin like foundation. The finish is fantastic. I am also very excited about a new line, Inglot. I describe them as MAC's little sister. I use them on photo shoots.

SL: What fashion item won't the Glam Fairy leave her house without?
AP: A designer purse. I care about my bags like you can't even imagine. I had a Gucci Babouska bag. It's like a $4,000 bag and I wore it to an event. Someone asked if it was Guess. I was so upset that someone thought it was Guess or Juicy that I gave it away to my friend. I couldn't even stand to have it in my closet anymore.

SL: With such expensive taste it must cost a fortune to get a Glam Fairy face.
AP: Our services can cost from $75 to $375 an hour depending on the experience of the artist and the job -- if we are doing airbrush makeup, false lashes, a photo shoot. I'm booked through 2011 and beyond that with brides. My bridal clients are girls with alpha personalities. Wimpy girls who just want to make their fiancés happy don't hire me.

SL: What's your idea of a beautiful bride?
AP: I like a smoky eye. I like vintage glam. Repeat, I'm not a fan of natural makeup. If you want that, go elsewhere. I am much more interested in creating some drama for those wedding pictures.

SL: So a style icon for you would be...?
AP: Oh, I love Jayne Mansfield. I just loved how glamorous she was. As for a modern girl, I'm a fan of Sienna Miller's style, but I also like Cher. My perfect look might be 10 percent Cher and 90 percent drag queen. [Laughs]

SL: Where do you shop to get the look?
AP: There's a shop in Tenafly [NJ] called Seesaw. I get a lot of my things there. As far as designers, I'm a big fan of Halston. So is Sarah Jessica Parker, so I'm in good company there. I would just wear my Halston a little trashier.

SL: You've done some work for Playboy. What have you learned from the Playmates?
AP: If you want to be trashy glam, it's OK and it can really be beautiful. We're like our own special village, us trashy-glam girls. Who wants to look like everybody anyway?

SL: I get the sense things are going to get tense for everyone at the Gatsby this season.
AP: The [audience] is going to see things that affect me 10 years from now. Some may agree with me, some not. And things are going to get explosive, like someone poured lighter fluid on them. It won't be the "I love Olivia" show anymore either. You may even have empathy for Tracy. You'll see things from her point of view.

"Jerseylicious" airs on the Style Network on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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