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Who knew that condiments could plump your pucker or fill in your brows?

Lifestyle guru Laurin Sydney recently showed a perplexed Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on "The Today Show" that beauty need not cost you a penny more than what's already in your cabinets and fridge.

"All the magazines say go buy new makeup, I say: don't spend a penny, it's all in the kitchen," squeaked the ramped-up blonde.

Want Angelina Jolie lips? Skip the injections, and go straight for cinnamon oil, which Sydney instructs to leave on lips for fifteen minutes in order to increase circulation and plumping action. But a warning to the wannabe heart-breakers out there: "You don't get Brad Pitt, but you get gorgeous," wisecracks Sydney.

For an instant lip stain, it's suggested you "kiss a beet" and hold it to your lips for ten seconds -- though the model showing the technique has to swoop back a second time before the camera can catch just a tinge of color on her bottom lip. Another alternative is to mix red gelatin with water, and leave on as a three-minute mask for color saturation.

Our vote for wackiest tip is applying egg whites to the undereye area to smooth and lift bags -- the catch being, you have to sport it all day long to maintain the lifting effect. We have a feeling that family, friends and coworkers will begin to rapidly and mysteriously disappear.

A close second runner up is the cocoa powder tip for eyebrow stenciling; we don't want to be there when that model gets caught in a rain shower.

But leave it to Gifford to blurt out our biggest concern after seeing a face done up in condiments. "You're going to smell like Denny's!" Well, at least when the 3pm snack attack rolls around, a bite of indulgence is only a cheekbone away.

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