Ali Fedotowsky. Photo: Getty Images

Post-workout zits can put a damper on any fleeting thrill you feel about losing a pound or two -- but "The Bachelorette" star Ali Fedotowsky is looking to change that.

The 26 year-old star is helping Biore Skincare and the Physique 57 workout system kick off a national tour, which will offer participants free Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes to freshly cleanse skin with green tea, vitamin E, green coconut water and Indian ginseng before powering up for an intense workout. A complimentary Physique 57 class led by a certified instructor that combines fun sequences of toning, cardio and orthopedic stretches follows.

For Fedotowsky, cleansing is a crucial element to keeping her skin clear despite sweaty, heart-thumping workouts.

"The most important skincare step is to take off your makeup -- two times especially: at bedtime, and before you workout," Fedotowsky tells StyleList. "When you sweat, your pores open up, and all that dirt clogs you up. Believe me, I've been working out in the gym before, wiped my face in my towel, and have seen all that grossness left behind. It's cyclical -- if you take care of your skin and keep it clear, you won't have to put on a lot of makeup to begin with."

Aside from cleansing, other beauty must-haves in Fedotowsky's beauty bag include bottles of water for healthy hydration and stacks of false lash strips.

Fedotowsky and her fiance, Roberto Martinez. Photo: Getty Images

"Before I got into this TV world, I didn't know fake lashes existed anywhere other than Halloween," laughs Fedotowsky. "But since I've had makeup artists use them on me for "The Bachelorette" and I've seen how much playing up your eyes can do for what you look like on camera, I'm totally addicted," she says.

And there's no Tammy Faye strategy going on here; the blonde beauty says she keeps makeup minimal and just adds a half a strip on her outer lash line for an instant pick-me-up that has her looking polished and camera-ready in seconds, and uses individual lashes for even more natural day-to-day looks.

Ali Fedotowsky. Photo: Getty Images

Yet having gone from everyday girl next door to overnight reality star, Fedotowsky says that the media pressure to look absolutely perfect at all times can be suffocating.

"Before I was on TV, I thought, 'Hey, I'm in shape, I fit in my clothes, I eat well, I look good.' But then people started taking my picture and criticized every little thing that they felt was wrong with me, all these flaws I never saw myself," she says.

The Massachusetts native attributes her strong relationship with fiancé and Bachelorette winner Roberto Martinez with helping her get through the spotlight glare, as well as the trust and admiration of her young fans.

"I'm extremely blessed to have a wonderful man in my life that tells me I'm beautiful every day -- even when I don't feel like it," the star says of Martinez, a 27 year-old insurance agent from Charleston, South Carolina.

"And I get emails from young girls all the time who tell me they look up to me, and from Moms who say they allow their children to watch me because they believe I'm a good role model. That's what keeps me strong -- I'm happy with my healthy body and curves, and would never want my young fans to think otherwise," Fedotowsky tells StyleList.

The workout featured in the national tour comes naturally to the reality star, who says she's motivated by the interactive and fast-paced moves of Physique 57, which had previously only been offered in NY and L.A.

"I'm a big fan of the small, asymmetric movements in Physique 57. Big lunges and bicep curls seem exhausting when I do them, but these smaller movements trick your brain into thinking you're not working as hard, even though you're actually working harder," says Fedotowsky.

The national tour kicked off in New York this week, and will visit Miami, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Austin, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, San Francisco and San Diego in the coming days. You can reserve your free spot at the tour's website.

Yet working out and staying in shape isn't just all about appearances for Fedotowsky; it's part of the bigger picture.

"I work out because it feels good. I want to live a long, healthy life with my wonderful fiancé!"

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