Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is looking to produce the largest fashion show ever. Photo: Miguel Medina, AFP / Getty Images

And we thought Fashion's Night Out: The Show -- with its 150 top models -- was big! Now it looks like Europe is about to stage a runway show of even more epic proportions (albeit minus Gisele, Naomi, and Lara).

According to The Independent, over 50 French cities, along with Berlin, Germany, are teaming up for a series of synchronized fashion shows that will include 10,000 participants, both male and female, showcasing their own clothing as it fits into six themes: Neo-Prep, Rock, Glamour, Bohemian Chic, Street Sport, and Fashion.

The feat is being organized by the Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette and looks to trump the current Guinness World Record champ, which had 250 models walking the runway in 10 different locales at the same time.

The new record-setting event will happen on Sept. 30 during Paris Fashion Week, with the biggest of all of the synchronized shows taking place on Paris's Boulevard Haussmann and consisting of 700 models (all over 16 years old) who have been screened and chosen through the retailer's website.

"There will be men, women -- people of all ages. We want to play on diversity," Anne-Marie Gaultier, the marketing director at Galeries Lafayette, told the Independent. "We are not looking for the next Elite model -- we want people to express their vision of fashion."

Shows with fewer models will also be held in Berlin and at 54 Galeries Lafayette stores across France, all adding up to 1.2 miles of runway.

Hopefully, the ladies involved won't have a sky-high-heel-induced wipeout like at the Burberry show! We suggest trying out the kitten heel trend if only for a day.

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