Octomom Nadya Suleman daughter Nariah Solomon yard sale auction

Nadya Suleman talks to the media about her yard sale with 20-month-old daughter Nariah Solomon on her lap. Photo: AP Photo / Jason Redmond

Flat broke Octomom Nadya Suleman must not have heard that selling used bathing suits and underwear is, well, completely nasty.

Or maybe she's just too desperate to care.

We're leaning toward the latter, as Suleman held a yard sale hocking items including an autographed nursing bra and the red bikini she wore on Star magazine in an attempt to raise enough money to pay her overdue $4,060 mortgage, the Orange County Register reports.

Also up for grabs: The Devil costumes her infamous octuplets wore for Halloween (Octomom dressed up as a pregnant nun, of course), some of the little ones' baby clothes, and an LA Lakers jersey signed by the controversial mother of 14, not Kobe Bryant, which actually fetched $125.

No word on how the used intimates fared with the roughly 150 shoppers/gawkers who turned up to the sale at Suleman's La Habra, Calif. home, but apparently the overwhelmed mom needs every penny she can get to prevent foreclosure.

'It's just a matter of survival: food, shelter and clothing," Suleman told the newspaper of the sale organized by an Orange County radio personality. "There are financial troubles."

Neighbor Cori Mahlen Octomom Nadya Suleman yard sale auction

Octomom neighbor Cori Mahlen holding what looks to be a Grinch costume at the tag sale. Photo: AP Photo / Jason Redmond

The single mom received $85 for a refrigerator that once kept her baby formula, the newspaper reports.

Cash-strapped Suleman also charged people $10 to pose for pictures with her alone and $100 for pics with her infamous octuplets.

Some benevolent shoppers dug deep, giving her extra cash along with their purchases to help her out, the paper reported.

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