Previews of episode 10 of "Project Runway" have hinted at a cheating scandal that will have repercussions all the way to season 8's "dramatic finale."

Sorry, we don't exactly have the dish on that, but in this StyleList exclusive sneak peek, another element of the upcoming drama is revealed: The contestants will be asked to create an original computer-generated fabric that speaks to a deeply "personal experience" that profoundly impacted their lives.

Handkerchiefs, please! We expect moving revelations!

The designers look somber as mentor Tim Gunn details the challenge and informs them that some mystery guests will be coming to the Parsons workroom to serve as their muses.

Of course, some of the designers speculate that former contestants are returning to torture them.

But wait!

We also see a montage of what appears to be some of the contestants' baby pictures. How cute was baby Mondo Guerra?

Then, Gunn admonishes the designers to "be nice" to their special clients.

Our purely speculative guess? It's the "Mommy Dearest" episode! Please designers, no wire hangers.

"Project Runway" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime

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