Lucky is launching Lucky Kids for all the pint-sized fashionistas. Photo courtesy of Lucky Magazine

There's a little Lucky on the horizon.

Lucky magazine's Brandon Holley is mere weeks into her tenure as editor of the title and a new publication is already being added to her responsibilities: Lucky Kids.

Lucky Kids is slated to have all of the attributes of the grown-up edition of the shopping/fashion magazine, but it will be "kid-ified," a spokesperson told StyleList.

Adding, "Lucky Kids is a continuation of Lucky's focus on fashion and style, but it is geared toward parents -- mothers, mainly." It will include several of the magazine's regular features, such as "What I Want Now."

(Suri Cruise must be beside herself.)

Condé Nast will publish the special-interest publication three times in 2011 – April, September, and December. Besides being poly-bagged with the regular magazine for its 300,000 subscribers, it will be sold on newsstands for three-to-four months.

And the credit for this cool little project goes not to Holley, but to the magazine's new publisher, Michelle Myers, who has her own four lucky kids.

In related news, Stella McCartney is launching Stella McCartney Kids.