woman's arms

Armed and dangerous. Men find long arms more appealing than long legs, new research finds. Photo: Corbis

Prepare to bare arms.

That's right, ladies! According to a new study from Sydney´s University of New South Wales, long, shapely arms are more attractive to men than mile-long legs, the Daily Mail reports.

The study, published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology and involving Australian and Chinese men and women, asked volunteers to watch videos of 96 women between the ages of 20 and 49 and then rate their looks, according to the paper.

Surprisingly, those women who had long arms were reportedly consistently ranked as the most attractive, while the length of their legs had no significant impact.

"Attractive bodies have a suite of traits in the right combination," Professor Robert Brooks, who led the study, told the Daily Mail.

"The dimensions can tell observers if that person is suitable as a potential mate, a long-term partner, or perhaps the threat they pose as a sexual competitor."

While Brooks added that the overall appearance of a women mattered most, factors such as hip and waist size (how could we forget?), age, and weight were also reportedly considered important.

Phew. We don´t mind doing a few push-ups for the sake of a hot date, but being the female version of Stretch Armstrong isn´t all that appealing.

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