Amy Smilovic's purposely chipped manicure. Photo: Tibi's Facebook page

Chipped nail polish is causing a flutter, again.

(The beauty-obsessed among us will recall a brief period in 2008 when undone manicures were a tip trend, as recorded in The New York Times.)

Just yesterday, American designer Amy Smilovic -- the designer behind the fashionista-loved little dress line of Tibi -- uploaded a picture of her wearied and worn chipped-up red nail polish to her Facebook page. The big deal? She paid someone to paint her nails to look that way -- for a wedding in Georgia.

"I have a perfectly sane reason as to why I would request a screwed up manicure," starts the designer in the photo caption. "When I was in London this summer, I had drinks with an editor from Vogue. She was of course tremendously chic and amazingly put-together. But her nails were red. And they were chipped. And it just made her so much more approachable somehow."

The stylish designer then says that the eyebrow-raising trend repeated itself just a week later, when she was having drinks in Milan with a fashion editor from Elle, who -- you guessed it -- was sporting the same chipped red manicure. "And somehow that just screamed, 'I'm put-together, I love red, but really, who has the time?'" quips Smilovic.

(By the way, where do we sign up for her job? Jet-setting around the globe for drinks sounds pretty chill to us.)

But while the designer is known for outfitting a gaggle of young celebs in her flirtatiously fun print dresses, not all her Facebook fans are buying this trend.

"Early April Fools, right?" asks Caren from Georgia. "You know what really says 'Who has the time?' No polish at all."

Amanda from Texas has similar reservations. "I want to be for this new red movement, but my southern roots are screaming no. Shouldn't your personality and character speak louder than your nails?"

Then there are the readers who by virtue of being in the right place at the right time, are spot on trend.

"I've never felt so legitimized and stylish! P.S. I've got the toes to match..ah, snap!" says Kendra from Michigan.

For the record, an editor here are StyleList is sporting chipped nail polish -- in gray. It's decidedly not on purpose, but while she was lamenting her manicure laziness, she's now feeling pretty cool about it.

So what do you think of chipped polish: savvy or silly? Whether you're for or against it, one thing's for sure: this is one trend that will cause a lot of mouths to flap.

And if you're part of the anti-chip brigade, you'll want to check out our firsthand experience with the two-week Shellac manicure. We've got the pictures to show how it really wears.