tom cruise v-neck sweater jeans white shirt boots cameron diaz black dress belt jimmy choo multicolored heels knight and Day premiere Toykyo Japan

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz look to be the same height (they are so not!) at a movie premiere in Japan. Photo: Kiyoshi Ota, Getty Images

Tom Cruise managed to pull of a mission impossible at the Tokyo premiere of his film "Knight & Day" when the 5-foot-7 actor appeared on the red carpet looking nearly the same height as 5-foot-9 co-star Cameron Diaz -- who was wearing four-inch heels! (That's a six-inch height difference. But who's counting?)

Standing side-by-side, Cruise, clad in a black V-neck sweater, white shirt, blue jeans, and chunky black boots, and Diaz, who was poured into a belted black dress by Bottega Veneta paired with multicolored Jimmy Choo heels, practically matched each other inch for inch, reports the Daily Mail.

Did Cruise have a sudden growth spurt or was it some kind of illusion pulled off with the help of his filmmaker pal Steven Spielberg's special effects department?

Neither, it turns out. According to the Daily Mail, the couch-jumping superstar may have reached new heights with the help of shoe lifts, special inserts placed inside a man's shoe to raise his heel and make him taller.

Perhaps his shoe-loving little princess Suri tipped him off to them?

The Daily Mail reports that a single pair of the tootsie transformers costs between £50 and £100 ($79 and $159 U.S.), while a bespoke pair could set a guy like Cruise back a whopping £1,700 ($2,700 U.S.).

Pricey to be sure, but it's not like Cruise can't afford it and use the height boosters again: He's currently filming "Mission: Impossible 4," co-starring 6-foot-1 1/2 Josh Holloway and 5-foot-10 Jeremy Renner, who will no doubt find working with Cruise to be an uplifting experience.

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