Lady Gaga hair dress

Gaga's hairy situation. Photo: Rose Billings, MAXA / Landov

Sometimes an occasion calls for more than a plain old meat dress.

Following her shocking appearance at the MTV Music Awards, Lady Gaga gave a hair-raising performance at New York City's intimate Oak Room in a dress made entirely of human hair.

Held together by glue and string, the dress (and we use that term lightly) was constructed of long brown and strawberry blonde locks. No reports on who the lucky donor was, but the look was accessorized in full Gaga style with fishnet stockings, Alexander McQueen Armadillo heels and lots of bling around her neck.

Guess we can't be that shocked. This is the same woman who turned her last ensemble into beef jerky. And while that dress was a Gaga original as far as we can tell, there are rumors that a similarly hairy poncho was first spotted on "America's Next Top Model."

We're just glad there wasn't a stiff breeze blowing that night. Although that could have inspired Gaga's next -- and naked -- fashion statement.

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