Teri Hatcher upon waking up in the morning. Photo: Screenshot from Oprah.com video

When three of Hollywood's top leading ladies came clean about the difficulty of aging in tinsel town, the makeup washed off and hearts were bared open on Oprah.

Teri Hatcher, Cybill Shepherd and a rare appearance by Linda Evans highlighted the show, which revealed the insecurities and physical struggles of the stars. The trio contends they've had to deal with the intense social pressure to stay youthful and flawless, which they've decided they're past obsessing over anymore.

When Teri Hatcher posted bare-faced and sopping wet-haired photos straight out of the shower on her Facebook page just weeks ago, a public frenzy ensued over the star's willingness to reveal her self-described undereye circles, uneven skin tone and clearly non-Botoxed brow furrows. "I don't want to stop taking glamorous pictures -- they're fun -- but I just want people to know the truth," Hatcher told Oprah. "I think if we can accept the truth and reveal the mystery, we can enjoy both things."

The 45 year-old actress did admit to receiving Botox injections a couple years after daughter Emerson Rose was born in 1997 because she looked 'so tired,' though the former Superman star says she hasn't had injections since.

Teri Hatcher on the set of "Desperate Housewives." Photo: Screenshot from Oprah.com video

Hatcher took a flip cam along on her morning routine (watch entire segment, here) so viewers could see her transformation from disheveled and crinkled-looking woman who woke up at 5:23am, to a near flawless "Desperate Housewives" star only a couple hours later. Squinting straight into the camera before makeup was about to commence, the star joked, "Can you say sh-t on 'Oprah'? Because that's what I look like!"

The day ended with Hatcher's long late night bath ritual, where she took off her makeup in front of the camera after a long day's work in order to show other women that she looks just like them when they do the same. "I'm willing to be naked in the bath tub on behalf of women feeling good about themselves," said Hatcher, to the erupted cheers of the "Oprah" audience.

Cybill Shepherd followed, telling Oprah that despite being on seven covers of Glamour magazine, she would always look in the mirror after seeing one and beat herself up for not looking like the highly retouched and glossy image. "I would go home and say to myself, 'Why don't I look like that cover?'" the 60 year-old told Oprah.

Cybill Shepherd on "Oprah." Photo: Screenshot from Oprah.com video

After decades of enjoying the Hollywood opportunities her beauty opened the doors for, Shepherd says that the reality of aging hit her particularly hard. "I was scared that when I got older, I would no longer be valued. You were disposable in this disposable culture," Shepherd told Oprah. "I remember noticing when men were looking at my daughters, and not at me. I would be out and see men's eyes going towards the younger women. It was disturbing."

The one-time girlfriend of Elvis Presley says she has since discovered that her value exists in her inner wisdom, and that she strives to find things she loves about her body everyday.

A glowing Linda Evans appeared afterwards, and immediately admitted to a surprised Oprah that she had never thought of herself as an attractive woman. "What you look like has nothing to do with what you think about yourself," said Evans.

When she was 28, first husband John Derek left Evans for 15 year-old Bo Derek -- which Evans says she dealt with by replacing his absence with a busy career. The actress said she found that equally unsatisfying because of the fluctuations of popularity based entirely on viewer ratings.

Linda Evans on "Oprah." Photo: Screenshot from Oprah.com video

The former Dynasty star admitted to plastic surgery in her 50s, which she attributed to wanting to look sexy for her boyfriend at the time -- musician Yanni -- who was 12 years her junior. "I was in love. But I'm not sorry I got it," said Evans, who further elaborated that the upkeep needed to maintain the look was more than she was interested in continuing.

After leaving Hollywood to move to Rainier, Washington while on a 'spiritual journey,' Evans says she gained 25 pounds in her first year alone because she could finally enjoy food and drink, and that she never felt healthier or more satisfied with the glare of the spotlight no longer on her. "I'm happier because I don't define myself by what other people think. In my 50s, I was forced to give up the game. You get older and wiser, that's the great thing about aging," Evans told Oprah. "You get more certain in yourself and who you are and what you want."

Cameras followed Evans to her modest one bedroom home, set on 70 acres of bird-singing land with a river running through it. Evans smiled as she pointed out neighboring homes belonging to her sister, nephew and step daughter with ex-husband Derek, whom she says she is very close to.

Clearly at ease and more fulfilled than ever, the anything-but Desperate Housewife's closing comments said it best.

"There's an obligation these people marketing to us have on how else we can define beauty. No one is giving us an option to open our mind to what else could be considered beautiful," said Hatcher, who then looked directly at Evans. "What is more beautiful than realizing this great peace in your life?"

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