clarins vital light anti-aging cream

Photo: Courtesy of Clarins

Clarins has long been one of our go-to skin savers. We're big fans of their sun care (we adore UV Plus Day Screen SPF 40), plus it's the top-selling skin-care brand in Europe -- which is, perhaps, why European women age so well!

At the brand's fall editor event, Styelist learned about their latest products.

Now women with mature skin have a new way to restore its youthfulness -- Clarins Vital Light Day & Night Anti-Aging Comfort Creams. After discovering that one of the major reasons skin looks more drab as it ages is its loss of ability to reflect light, the Clarins team went to work on a new method to help increase luminosity.

It's common for anti-aging products to contain ingredients that speed cell renewal and therefore promote collagen production, but these creams also address the skin cells' capability to metabolize waste, such as oxidized proteins and dead collagen, slows considerably with age and is another key to your skin's radiance factor.

The brand's researchers discovered three "pioneer" plants (which grow even in the most extreme conditions of dryness, salt and wind) to aid in cellular waste elimination and ultimately help to revive luminosity, diminish brown spots and wrinkles and boost micro-circulation. The result is a rosier, more youthful-looking complexion. The creams are both rich and velvety without being greasy.

We can a think of few friends who could benefit from these revitalizers.

clarins rouge prodige true colour hold & shine lipstick

Not be outshone by anti-aging creams, Clarins is also launching a collection of 16 gorgeous new long-wearing lipsticks called Rouge Prodige True Colour Hold & Shine Lipstick.

What makes these different?

Unlike many long-wearing lip colors which leave our lips parched and cakey, a combination of vegetable oils make these highly moisturizing and shine-enhancing. The richly-pigmented colors are also infused with skincare ingredients like omega fatty acids and ceramides to smooth and plump fine lines.

And since the theme for fall beauty is the return of lipstick, we're game to try 'em all.