Real Housewives of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield pink strapless dress

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Sheree Whitfield. Photo courtesy of Bravo TV

Sheree Whitfield has always labeled herself the most fashionable of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" but StyleList had to stop the no-nonsense Southern socialite when she called herself the "quiet" cast member.

Seriously? She's no NeNe Leakes, but we witnessed those fashion smackdowns involving her She by Sheree fashion label and former cast member Lisa Wu Hartwell's Closet Freak collection. Shrinking Georgia peach she's not.

Whitfield did sound pretty mellow, though, when StyleList dialed her up to chat about the "Atlanta" ladies' season 3, which begins tonight (Oct. 4) on Bravo.

The single mom told us she's put her divorce and fashion dramas behind her to focus on her three kids and new doctor boyfriend. Do dish!

"It's about me moving on," she told us of her role this season.

There are, however, new "stages" on the horizon for Whitfield.

StyleList: What's new with She by Sheree? We haven't heard much about it.
Sheree Whitfield: It's kind of on hiatus. I am trying to revamp it and bring down the price points a bit. I was using very expensive fabrications, but I want to make it more affordable. It's a line I very much wanted to be for the everyday woman, but the way I originally produced the clothes -- especially the fabrics I used -- I couldn't get the prices right. Fashion is not over for me, but there won't be any fashion shows this season!

SL: You have two new cast members, including Cynthia Bailey, who is a model. Will the Atlanta ladies be jealous?
SW: Oh, absolutely not. She's cool. I like her. The ladies watching might be jealous, but not us. Not me, anyway.

SL: You're dating this season. What's your favorite date-night fashion look?
SW: It depends on where we are going. If it's casual, I like nice jeans, a nice blouse, and always a stiletto. If it's a nice dinner or the opera, it would be a really nice dress. My style is kind of feminine, sexy, but still classy. I work out a lot, so I don't mind showing off my curves. I've worked hard for them.

SL: Your favorite designers?
SW: Besides my own designs? I like Dolce & Gabbana, that is my absolute favorite. Brian Atwood has some really great things. I like Fendi this season and YSL pumps are my favorite shoes.

SL: What's your makeup must-have?
SW: When I am not doing the show I don't wear much at all, but I do like lip gloss. I started using a Dolce & Gabbana lip gloss that I love. I also like M.A.C. products, but honestly, when I'm not shooting, my face is very simple. I don't wear a lot of foundation. Of course, when we are shooting it's a completely different story. I can't say that look is really me though.

SL: What's the secret to your killer arms?
SW: I actually like to focus more on my lower body than my upper, but there seems to be a fringe benefit for my arms. I like to switch it up. I do kickboxing, I do kettle bells, and while I don't focus so much on my arms, everything I do incorporates your upper body. But it's not like I'm in the gym bench-pressing, heavy, heavy weight. I also do a lot of plyometric moves. They are very effective. Especially for the legs!

SL: How do you find the time to work out?
SW: You have to have your me time. Every day from 9 to 10:30 a.m., that's the time I block off for me. If someone calls from the show and says, "Hey, can you do this interview at 9 in the morning?" the answer is no. Not during my me time! Because after that, the rest of the day is about my kids. I'm running around getting them to their activities. Exercise is not something you can do every once in a while and expect it to have an impact. It's a lifestyle for me. I want to be here for my kids and grandkids!

SL: A lot of the other "Real Housewives" are pretty open about their plastic surgery and love of Botox. Have you tried it?
SW: No, not me. I haven't felt the need, but I'm a big believer in whatever makes you happy. I think a little bit, maybe one or two shots of something, is fine, but when people take it to excess, it's not attractive.

SL: Fans know you for your fashion aspirations, but I hear you've caught the acting bug.
SW: Well, I got the call last year about auditioning for a play. And you know, I've always been very shy, quiet, and reserved, but I tried out and I liked it. I got calls after to audition for more plays, even movies, and I never thought I could do it. But when I got on stage I was a completely different person. Right now, I'm playing this character who is loud and silly and out there -- so not me -- and I love it. It has inspired me to do more.

SL: So what is Sheree Whitfield going to wear to the Oscars?
SW: (Laughs) Ohh, something completely fabulous and fun. Maybe a Valentino gown or Zac Posen, or my favorite, Dolce!

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" premieres on Bravo on Oct. 4 at 9/8 C.

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