Go bold or go home: A statement necklace at Ports 1961, Bianca Brandolini d' Adda at the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010, show and layered necklaces at Marni. Photos: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images for IMG; Lorenzo Santini/Getty Images; Giuseppe Cacace, AFP/Getty Images

These days accessories are oversized, chunky, and bold. They don't whisper daintiness -- they scream as they make a statement. Oh, and one piece won't quite cut it. Fall jewelry is all about laying it on thick.

"Accessories are back this season, with layering jewelry being the key look seen on the runway," says celebrity fashion stylist Elle Werlin. "Great examples of these are a hammered silver fringed bib necklace, oversized chunky gold and bronze cuffs or multi chain, mixed metal necklaces. Another trend to incorporate is a bit of inspiration from the past with animal motifs from pendants to bracelets, traditional beading incorporated with chains and large cocktail rings."

We asked our experts (Werlin, who has styled Beyoncé, Jessica Szohr and Lenny Kravitz, and fashion and jewelry designer Shoshanna Gruss, whose new Shoshanna's Fashion Jewelry Essentials line launched last month on QVC) for their best advice on how to layer jewelry for fall. Get ready to mix things up.

What are some great items to mix and match?

Shoshanna Gruss's layered necklace from her QVC collection. Photo: QVC

Gruss tells StyleList her textured and crystal woven stretch bracelet, available in silver or gold, is a great layering piece.

"I love it because it is basic enough to stack with other bracelets and cuffs in your jewelry box, but the texture and pavé crystals make it a very special unique piece," she says. "It is also one of my favorites because it is the most comfortable piece of jewelry with its stretch elastic which makes it easy to wear and layer."

Are there rules you should pay attention to when mixing pieces?
  • "Mixing metals and sizes can be chic," says Gruss. "It all depends on how an individual can create her own look."
  • "The more unique the mix, the better the look," agrees Werlin. "The individuality and freedom evokes the emotion and look of the pieces."
Is layering necklaces still trendy?
  • "I think it's best to mix necklaces of different lengths and size as well as metals, stones and fabrics," Werlin says. "For example, a silver beaded leather choker with a turquoise and gold multi-chain necklace, and long bronze hammered coin pendent."
Can you go overboard on mixing?
  • "You can learn your own balance and come up with some beautiful mixing that is not too much," says Gruss.
  • "No, especially when wearing animal motifs," Werlin agrees. "This season it's important to incorporate chains to add a modern twist to a vintage feel."
Is it more modern to mix things up or keep things matched?
  • "Today mixing metals, textures and stones is a trend," Werlin says. "Traditionally, women wore sets and those heirlooms were passed through generations resulting in only that jewelry being worn. Today, everyone has access to trendy jewelry because jewelry is available at every price point. I think the best look is mixing your grandmother's cocktail ring with a silver ring or plastic ring from your local store."
So what's a great jewelry mix to try at home, and what outfit should it go with?
  • "To create the chic equestrian look, wear a fabulous gray long cashmere shrug with a light blue button down, khaki skinny pants and over-the knee-riding boots," Werlin says. "This look wouldn't be complete without a long distressed bronze gold chain with a pendant and charms. For bracelets, go with a mix of gold, wood and leather bangles. Keep the earrings simple, bronze, possibly animal studs."
  • She also says menswear as women's wear is a big trend this season. "To add femininity to this look, mix long pearl necklaces and a colorful cocktail ring," Werlin says. "A deep blue velvet tuxedo blazer with a navy sheer button down goes great with leather pants."
  • Gruss says the black and gold, pear drop, layered necklace from her QVC collection is a great new look to try with a black or gray solid dress. "Our black Ponte dress from fall works beautifully with this necklace," she says.
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