Meat-Lace necklace

The "Meat-Lace" necklace, $55, by Onch Movement. Photo:

Lady Gaga's beefy VMA dress hasn't just inspired Bruce Willis's sirloin toupee -- it's also spawned this gruesome meat necklace from Onch Movement, Best Week Ever reports.

(That's it. We are officially vegetarians.)

Thankfully made from plastic and not actual meat (though try telling that to the ravenous dogs chasing you down the street), the $55 "meat-lace" is the brainchild of designer Onch, who once starred on "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," according to BWE.

"Made from animal-free material, this delicious piece is a humane way to get caught up in the meat fashion craze," the Onch website gushes.

Beats swinging by the butcher with a stapler, we suppose.

Now we just need someone to whip up a meat watch -- because we're sure this trend's 15 minutes are up!

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga's dress is set to be made into jerky.