Photo: Courtesy of Urban Decay

Urban Decay is making history as the first beauty brand to go high-tech in a very special way.

The vegan-friendly brand known for its alternative edge is launching QR code technology in its Sephora store shelves, which is a Japanese-created bar code that stands for "quick response" due to its ability to decode info at super fast speeds. Shoppers can download the free app straight from any cell phone with a web browser and camera, and then point the phone at the code adjacent to select products to scan the code. A how-to video will automatically download, with insider tips and tricks on how to use the makeup item.

Founder Wende Zomnir has created four initial videos, and says the idea has been up her sleeve for quite some time.

"For years, I have wanted to implement the use of QR technology as a way to give Urban Decay enthusiasts more of an 'in' on the brand. The time wasn't right until QR codes began to have somewhat of a presence here in the States," Zomnir tells StyleList of the technology that has already been popularized in Asia.

And Zomnir doesn't think we'll all just be scanning lipgloss and mascara; she sees the science spreading to other industries, and becoming as ubiquitous as texting or emailing while on the go.

"Having everything available at your fingertips by way of smartphone is an idea attractive to most people. As soon as QR technology becomes more widespread, it'll become a part of our social consciousness to those young and old," says Zomnir.

As for the brand, whose reputation is built upon key cult items like Primer Potion eye shadow base and Midnight Cowboy beige shimmer shadow, its 15 year anniversary will arrive in 2011. Zomnir says the milestone will be celebrated with the bang of big -- though secret -- launches set to come next year.

While we assumed the young and hip were mostly attracted to the rebellious image, Zomnir says it isn't so.

"Urban Decay has a surprisingly broad customer base with women ranging in age from college students to spunky grandmas. Each shares a love for beauty that is feminine, dangerous and fun," says Zomnir.

Now that sounds like a brand we can sink our lipgloss into.

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