Karolina Kurkova America's Next Top Model

Karolina Kurkova talks to the girls about healthy eating on "America's Next Top Model." Photo courtesy of The CW

What shocked supermodel Karolina Kurkova when she paid a surprise visit to the "America's Next Top Model" contestants?

"Fried Oreos," she says. "It was kind of crazy. That's what they were eating. I don't think I'd ever even heard of them."

While it's too bad the leggy beauty missed the decadent pleasure of a deep-fried sandwich cookie, Kurkova's passion for healthy eating -- not "just lettuce" -- was on her mind when she signed on to guest judge cycle 15 of Tyra Banks's long-running CW reality competition.

Kurkova agreed to lend her fashion cred to Banks and company only if it could benefit the contestants competing for a shot at Vogue Italia's cover. So she stopped by the contestants' Los Angeles mansion to give them advice on living a healthy model life.

"I came almost like their friend who wanted to hang out with them and talk about their experiences," says Kurkova, calling from Paris Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, judgment day for the wannabes comes when the Kurkova episode airs tonight (Oct. 6).

Here are some highlights from the model's chat:

Cut the stereotypes, puh-leze: "I feel like our industry has been getting such a bad wrap; they [models] smoke, they drink, they don't eat... It's never been that way." Kurkova told the "ANTM" contestants to reject the misconception that "if they just eat lettuce and drink water they will look great."

She's a hot mama: Kurkova, who gave birth to son Tobin Jack Drury in November 2009, doesn't resent the media's focus on the postpartum bodies of supermodels. "It's good people are talking about us being a mom and being able to come back and model... I'm doing shows with the girls who are 16 or 17, and I get to work and still be successful. Gisele did Balenciaga. Miranda Kerr was out there and she's pregnant." She suggests mere mortal moms will see their supermodel successes and say, "I want to get in shape and be healthy" and realize motherhood "is not an excuse not to care of yourself." (Guess that means no more fried Oreos!)

She makes a mean green smoothie: "I eat organic, very healthy foods. It's really important to take care of yourself from within," says Kurkova, who made the "ANTM" contestants a "delicious, healthy drink" and left her blender "as a little present." Afterward, she notes, "I heard they were making things with the fruit."

She's a Tyra fan: The model praised Banks for showing the contestants "both sides of the industry" and teaching them that "it's not just about showing up and being beautiful and things will come to your feet." Banks has improved the competition by bringing more "real fashion people" onto the show including Diane von Furstenberg, Patricia Field, and Zac Posen.

She can get crazy: Think all those "ANTM" stunts Banks subjects her contestants to are a little kooky? Well, Kurkova's posed under water, worn next to nothing while modeling on skis, and stood on the ledge of a New York City skyscraper holding an American flag for a Vogue shoot. "And I'm afraid of heights," she confesses.

Did she spy a winner? Kurkova is coy when asked if she met someone who could rise to true "top" model status in the cycle 15 bunch. "I saw girls who could do runway, who could do commercials, who could be in movies, even," she says. Still, she says part of what makes or breaks any top model is "timing."

"America's Next Top Model" airs tonight (Oct. 6) at 8/7 C on the CW.

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