Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes Party City Black Silver Sequin Dress Blue Bathing Suit

Lady Gaga "Black Sequin Dress" ($42.99) and "Blue Swimsuit" ($49.99); available at Party City. Photos:

Freeze that leftover beef tenderloin and invest in some Bumpits -- the top trends for Halloween 2010 are looks that reference "Lady Gaga" and the "Jersey Shore" as well as sexy vampires, according to retailer Party City.

We are so answering the door.

"This year, avant-garde hits mainstream and, as a result, 2010 costumes are expected to be really over the top," says Melissa Sprich, top costume designer for Party City.

Sprich notes that "more than ever, the latest runway shows and fashion-forward individuals mega-influence costume trends. And, as always, this year's hit blockbusters and outlandish pop figures [hello, Snooki!] strongly influence costume trends, as people love taking on a completely different persona for Halloween."

Here's a spooky coincidence: That's the same take Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan gave StyleList when he talked to us about his reality-television-inspired Halloween collection for Target.

The Situation ShirtSnooki Leopard Dress Jersey Shore Halloween costumes Party City

A Shore thing! "The Situation Shirt" ($16.99), "Snooki Leopard Dress" ($29.99), Snooki Wig ($14.99); available at Party City. Photos:

Party City notes that its interpretation of Snooki wearing a low-cut leopard dress -- complete with pouf wig and a bottle of orange-tinted bronzer -- is especially popular, as is its perfectly coiffed Pauly D wig and The Situation muscle T-shirt (an improvement on his Uncle Sam-in-a-thong stripper outfit).

As for trendsetting Gaga, her white, midriff-baring 2009 VMA performance costume and her "Poker Face" look continue to be extremely popular with shoppers and are creating buzz on social networking sites, the retailer says.

Also sweet with consumers? Perennial favorite Darth Vader, vampires, classic Roman and Greek costumes, and 1980s looks.

Guess that means we even have to give up the chocolate stash to kids wearing acid-washed jeans. The horror!

Speaking of reality-show costumes, read what the "Dancing With the Stars" costume designer had to say about this week's looks.

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