Juicy Couture Holiday 2010 Presentation is full of shine, sequins, bows and velvet. Photo: Juicy Couture

On Wednesday evening, a select group of editors gathered at the Juicy Couture showroom in NYC to preview the holiday 2010 collection and meet Kirsten Yadouga Schwinn, Design Director of Handbags & Leather Goods.

After playing around with a few delightful Juicy Couture charms while nibbling on yummy sweets, the designer got cozy on a pink chair (natch) to discuss this iconic, girly-girl brand.

StyleList: How would you describe the Juicy Couture customer?
Kirsten Yadouga Schwinn: The Juicy girl has a cool, laid back, LA kind of style. She's irreverent, but still girly. And, she's definitely clever and a bit cheeky.

Coming from GAP, what has been the biggest challenge working on the handbags at Juicy Couture over the past year and a half?
KYS: Juicy has so many recognizable icons & details that our loyal fans know and love already, that I'd say a big challenge is finding a way to give our girl something new and unexpected every season. It's kind of like, what do you give the girl who has everything?

PP: What were some of the inspirations for holiday 2010?
KYS : Holiday 2010 is all about surface, sparkle, & shine. It's a bit of a fairytale with eye candy at every turn. We loved the idea of taking more precious, beautiful, soft materials like panne velvets, silk chiffons and icy shimmer coated leathers, and treating them in an easy, casual way.

PP: What are the trends you see developing for spring 2011and beyond?
KYS: For spring 2011 we're definitely feeling a bit more bohemian in terms of styling, but loving blocks of bright citrus-y color and opaque sequins in super intense colors.

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