Michelle Obama sleeveless top Lady Gaga meat dress Forbes 100 most powerful women 2010

Michelle Obama tops Forbes's 100 Most Powerful Women list, while Lady Gaga comes in an impressive seventh. Photos: Getty Images

Bust out the sleeveless top and defrost the sirloin-steak ball gown -- two of our favorite fashion trendsetters have just landed on Forbes's 100 Most Powerful Women list.

The magazine gave First Lady Michelle Obama the top spot, citing her as a "true change-maker" who has "given a new generation of girls and women around the world a role model."

No kidding. The woman made Isabel Toledo and Jason Wu household names, made us make a mad dash to J.Crew and Talbots, and even got us to do push-ups. That's pretty powerful.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga -- who just this week has inspired a meat necklace and Bruce Willis's ground beef hairpiece -- came in seventh on the list. Hair dresses all around!

Other notable style stars who made the cut include Beyoncé (#9), Angelina Jolie (#21), Madonna (#29), French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (#35), Heidi Klum (#39), Sarah Jessica Parker (#45), Serena Williams (#55), Anna Wintour (#56), Venus Williams (#60), and Gisele Bündchen (#72).

Designers Tory Burch (#88), Vera Wang (#91), Donna Karan (#96), and Burberry exec Angela Ahrendts (#97) were also included in the prestigious list.

Good work, girls!

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