Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 runway Kristen McMenamy body paint

Kristen McMenamy walks the Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 in body paint... instead of a shirt! Photo: Dominique Charriau, WireImage

Clothes -- who needs 'em?

First Charlie Le Mindu showcased his hats and wigs on butt-naked models during London Fashion Week.

Now, Louis Vuitton is proving that skin is the new black after featuring model Kristen McMenamy covered in body paint during its Paris show.

The last model to walk the runway, McMenamy was wearing sparkly body paint designed to look like a zebra-print top, though tell-tale paint smudges on her pants gave her away.

Nice try, Marc Jacobs, but we're not paying $500 for that.

It wasn't the only flesh on display. The collection also included sheer caftans and skirts that left little to the imagination.

Shoot. Where's a Snuggie when you need one?

Meanwhile, see the Kardashian sisters in body paint for their racy store ad.

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