Much to the dismay of certain teachers, jeggings are still seriously hot pants to own. Perhaps confirming this notion is the fact that Old Navy has just released their own version for Fall 2010. (Even Goldman Sachs' back-to-school fashion guide decreed that "jeggings are one of this season's most covetable trends.")

Sure it looks good on supes like Gisele and Miss Moss, but what about real women? (You know, with the kind with hips and a butt and some divine curves?)

For our second test the garment segment of the month, we dispatched a group of women (some bloggers, some not), to head to their local Old Navy and shimmy their way into a pair of the Rock Star Super-Skinny Denim Leggings. Priced at a reasonable $39.50, these low-rise, slim-fitting wonders are a fall fashion trend that we can get behind without breaking the bank.

Our participants, who are of varying style and body types, reported back to StyleList with their thoughts on size, fit, and fabrication. The overall take-away: Jeggings may not be as scary as they sound. (Something our friends at The Frisky agree with!)

Take a look at what they have to say -- be sure to make the gallery full-screen -- and let us know if you're down with this doozy of a denim trend by leaving a comment.

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And for those still not convinced jeggings are the right look for them, there is always that American favorite, cropped pants.