Project Runway season 8 episode 11 contestant Andy South winning look

One of Andy South's three winning looks. Photo courtesy of Lifetime

A diva client is always fair game on "Project Runway." Still, design mentor Tim Gunn is forced to call a time out when team Sore Losers returns to the workroom for another round with the six remaining season 8 contestants.

And sew it goes:

The Challenge: Designers are asked to make three head-to-toe looks to complement judge/host Heidi Klum's new line of activewear for New Balance. Check your CliffsNotes, folks: The model likes micro minis and is so over wings.

The Bonus: A winning look will be sold exclusively on Score!!!

The Bitch Is Back: The workroom drama begins when six eliminated designers are assigned as partners to the remaining contestants. StyleList is happy to see some of our sentimental faves: Casanova, Peach Carr, and Valerie Mayen.

Ivy Higa, however, should have just stayed in her fainting-spell hospital suite. She's spewing bitter venom and accuses bullied designer Michael Costello of cheating. Her seemingly bogus claim? He used fashion tape on his model during the Jackie O sportswear challenge.

Higa asks Costello "how it feels to be a cheater." He retorts, "How does it feel to be eliminated for a crappy design?" His only admission is that his go-to model often wears small "falsies" on her chest during runway shows.

Gunn enters the workroom to convene an inquiry and hears Higa's flimsy accusations, which include finding tape "all over the bathroom." The mentor declares, "It is too late. It's a case of he said, she said, and our many cameras saw nothing. This is the case of the noncase."

All of this is a juicy distraction from other dramas: After three consecutive wins, Mondo Guerra seems to be getting a little big for his short-shorts and gets fresh with Klum (she's a judge -- is he insane?) when she doesn't approve his designs in progress: He threatens to tear up the clothes.

Costello makes pieces in shocking pumpkin hues and hopes that Klum is fond of Thanksgiving or Halloween. (Turns out she is, but not for her New Balance line.) Jones partners with Casanova, who advises her that the sexy clothes she's attempting for Klum's collection are off base.

"It's for a mom with, like, five kids," he says of the supermodel. Jones responds, "A mom who still wants to have sex."

The Guest Judge: Iconic American sportswear designer Norma Kamali joins the panel.

Who's In: It's Andy South with the hat trick! He takes top honors again for his light, luxurious take on sweats that are really too pretty to pop over StyleList's stinky gym togs. Klum is so pleased she tells South all three looks will be sold on Amazon.

Guerra and April Johnston round out the top two.

Who's Out: Costello's pumpkin patch frocks almost get him the "auf," but it's sweet Christopher Collins for his "sloppy pajama party at the retirement village clothes." Judge Michael Kors complains they look so cheap "none of them should cost more than ten dollars."

While Collins's departure is sad (he frets that he got close to Fashion Week, but not close enough), he actually did get to show 10 handsome pieces during the "PR" Fashion Week decoy show.

Stay Tuned: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg plays a role in deciding which of the remaining five designers gets the coveted finale nod.

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