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Just hanging around... Is your closet full of stuff you don't fit into? Photo: Stacy Morrison, Corbis

Looks like we ladies have a little bit of a Goldilocks situation going on.

According to a new study from Wholegrain Goodness, the average British woman owns 12 items of clothing that are either too big or too small, the Daily Mail reports.

Oh, but they sure are cute!

Besides taking up precious closet space, the useless garments waste £289 ($459) per person, or £5.4 billion ($8.6 bil) total in the UK, according to the paper.

Polling 4,000 women between the ages of 18 and 65, the study reportedly also discovered that women's closets contain three different dress sizes to account for weight fluctuations.

While 52 percent of women admitted buying too-small clothes in the hopes that they'd fit in them, half 'fessed up to yo-yo dieting that requires them to keep "fat clothes" on hand, the paper reports.

Jeans, pants, and bras were reportedly among the most commonly unworn items of clothing.

"At first glance it might seem like you only have a few items of clothes that don't fit, but when you start to think about the amount of clothes we have hung up in our wardrobes, or tucked away in our chest of drawers, it's a massive amount," Therese Coleman, a consultant nutritionist for Wholegrain Goodness, told the Daily Mail.

"It's a nice idea having a favorite pair of jeans or tops available for when you're that size again, but in reality these women are frittering away hundreds of pounds [as in the currency]."

Whoops. Nobody tell our accountant, OK?

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