Victoria Beckham Marie Claire November 2010 cover

Victoria Beckham is smokin' on Marie Claire's November cover. Photo: Ruven Afanador / Courtesy of Marie Claire

Aside from wearing an array of envy-inducing garments by Giambattista Valli, Monique Lhuillier, Bordelle, and Jean Paul Gaultier in the backyard of a sprawling mansion for the Ruven Afanador photo shoot in November's Marie Claire, cover girl Victoria Beckham makes us even greener after recounting her daily run-ins with (pretty much flawless) husband David Beckham.

"We were about to go out somewhere the other day, and he was sending an email. He was sitting at the end of the bed, and he had no clothes on whatsoever," Beckham tells the magazine.

"I was getting out of the shower, and I just stood there looking at him. He was all tan. Has all those tattoos, which I love. Hadn't done his hair. He just naturally looks good all the time....

"So he's sitting there sending his e-mails, all ripped. Not an ounce of fat on him. And I thought, You done good, girl."

Um, indeed.

Aside from being more in love than ever with her hubby (awww), the 36-year-old mother of three also says that she's completely content with ditching her singing career for fashion.

"People I respect complimenting me on my work in fashion is more exciting to me than anything I ever achieved as a Spice Girl," Beckham tells Marie Claire. "I am now competing in an arena where I can hold my head high. I feel quite confident in what I'm doing now, much more than the singing. I was never going to give Mariah Carey any competition."

Victoria Beckham Marie Claire November 2010 cover Jean Paul Gaultier

Beckham is all legs in a corset and heels. Photo courtesy of Marie Claire

We can't really argue with her there, either.

To handle the cut-throat fashion world, however, Beckham says designer/friend Marc Jacobs has given her a little advice.

"Marc Jacobs once told me something I've always lived by," she explains. "I asked him who he considered his competition. 'I don't have competition,' he told me. 'My competition is myself from the season before.'"

And so, says the former Posh Spice, that's how she's moved forward with her successful namesake collection, which has made fans out of Sarah Jessica Parker and Leighton Meester, just to name a few.

"I'm finally just doing what I like," Beckham says of her design philosophy. "I put the clothes on and I look in the mirror and I think, would I wear this? I'm not worried about what's in fashion, what's not in fashion, what are the colors of the season. I go with my gut instinct because every time I haven't it's been a mistake."

A grown-up outlook, for sure. And, on the subject of maturity, Beckham claims her age-defying good looks and tight bod have nothing to do with going under the knife or needle.

"I take care of myself. I work out every day. I eat healthy. But I like to have fun too," she says. "I'm not going to say no to a glass of wine, let's put it that way. But God! People in this business are obsessed with youth. I can understand it when you constantly see pictures of yourself in the press. But I do seem to be the only person I know who is getting older. Most famous people get younger and younger. I sometimes ask myself that question: 'How come I'm the only person who's getting older?' But I'm cool with that. I read once that elegance is a privilege of age. I thought, that's so true. You get more comfortable with yourself as you get older."

To read more of Beckham's revealing interview with Marie Claire, head over to and pick up the November issue on newsstands Oct. 12.

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