Betty white-rimmed cat-eye glasses mad men

Betty whips out the white-rimmed cat-eye glasses. We swoon. Photo: Courtesy of AMC

With only one episode left in season 4 of "Mad Men" (pull out the tissues), we're trying to savor these last few shows with an extra sense of appreciation -- for both the twisting and turning plot line and the excellent costumes by Janie Bryant.

Peggy's getups this time round were awe-inspiring, even if they weren't necessarily items we would wear ourselves.

First up was a blinding ensemble featuring a cream-colored pleated skirt and polka-dot tie-neck blouse worn under a Day-Glo orange button-down vest that made us quite nostalgic for a time when women experimented with color -- albeit sometimes to gag-worthy effects.

Then, when coming to terms with the dire straits her company is in (will Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce even be around for season 5?!), the witty copywriter dons a more somber -- and completely chic -- number consisting of a stark black dress with a graphic black-and-white strip running down the middle and around the arm holes.

This one, unlike the first, we would like to rip right off her back!

Meanwhile in the suburbs, Betty remained stuck in proper '50s ladylike silhouettes and girlie hues like lilac, pastel pink, and light mint green (drool) worn in the form of shirtdresses with pretty pointed collars and paired with one vicious pair of white-rimmed cat-eye sunglasses.

Perhaps more than Betty and Peggy, however, our favorite sartorial star had to be little Sally Draper, who donned a series of adorable outfits including a yellow plaid shift dress with a Peter Pan collar and an apple-print shirt tucked into a bright blue circle skirt that would make Marc Jacobs weep.

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