When the holidays arrive this season, Philosophy will be serving up lots of sugar.

The beauty brand known for delicious bath flavors like cinnamon buns, hot buttered rum and hazelnut espresso, is gearing up for holiday shoppers with a staggering 50 gift sets -- 13 of which will be exclusive to Nordstrom, Ulta and Macy's. Many of the deals come in ready-to-give decorative packaging, a bonus that the busy multitaskers -- and last-minute procrastinators -- will appreciate.

We perused tables full of festive offerings at a New York City launch event, where the scents of the season left us painfully craving a Cinnabon -- which we promptly indulged in afterwards. So our top five picks below come with a serious warning: do not shop on an empty stomach, or it could cost you calories you should be saving up for Thanksgiving dinner.

The Gingerbread Man, Cinnamon Buns and Peppermint Bark Ornaments

The Gingerbread Man, Cinnamon Buns and Peppermint Bark Ornaments. Courtesy of Philosophy

The Gingerbread Man, Cinnamon Buns and Peppermint Bark Ornaments, $6 each. At just a few bucks a pop, these little shower gel ornaments are the perfect stocking stuffer that double as Christmas tree decoration, or that little bit of something extra to attach to a holiday card or special gift.

The Joy of Great Skin

The Joy of Great Skin. Courtesy of Philosophy

The Joy of Great Skin, $85. With a retail value of $156, this bevy of skincare beauties is like Disneyland for the beauty buff. Philosophy's best holiday deal includes the cult Hope in a Jar and Purity cleanser that are known for clearing troubled skin, as well as, exfoliating peel products that will bring much joy to your giftee's world.

Under the Mistletoe

Under the Mistletoe. Courtesy of Philosophy

Under the Mistletoe, $20. Who doesn't love lipgloss? This set packages burgundy, shimmering clear, bubblegum pink, and cherry red lipglosses into high shine and flavored formulas that slide straight out of a sleek and lightweight tray. Our holiday creed: the less heavy gifts to schlep, the better.

State of Grace Fragrance Wardrobe

State of Grace Fragrance Wardrobe. Courtesy of Philosophy

State of Grace Fragrance Wardrobe, $49.50. The clean-scented fragrance that is one of the pillars of the brand, Grace is offered in a travel-size in all four of her reincarnations. With such a selection of universally-pleasing scents, it's our pick for finicky mother-in-laws.

Holiday Hostess

Holiday Hostess. Courtesy of Philosophy

Holiday Hostess, $20. This grab-and-go yummy icing set hits the perfect price point for gift-giving while making the holiday party rounds. The shower gel triples as shampoo and bath bubbles, while the lotion hydrates with rich vitamins. Lucky for your hostess, these are sugary leftovers that won't need to be wrapped.

And if you're in search of something hip enough for a teen to love, check out Jordin Sparks' new fragrance -- it's one of the cheapest scent thrills of the year.