Heidi Klum New Balance launch party long sleeve minidress blue pumps

Heidi Klum at a launch party for her collaboration with New Balance. Photo: WireImage

Heidi Klum is not taking any chances on her new clothing collection.

The supermodel was online, early in the morning, the day her new collection, Heidi Klum for New Balance, went on sale.

"I ordered already -- I did!" Klum tells StyleList. "I'm curious to see how it works -- I want to see how it looks when it comes. I ordered two ponchos and the hoodie that I'm going to give away."

Klum added that this is nothing new for her.

"It's the same when I have a magazine cover -- I go and buy that. I think it's good luck -- you have to support yourself."

So now we know, the former Victoria's Secret model's house is full of magazines and underwear.

Klum celebrated her New Balance launch with a "Project Runway" viewing party at Cedar Lake on New York City's West Side.

The place was crawling with former "PR" contestants, including Emilio Sosa, Kenley Collins, and mountains of the model-testants. There was also a troupe of performers who did acrobatics on a giant trampoline wearing -- what else? -- Heidi Klum for New Balance.

Klum, an aficionado of bouncing, had to restrain herself.

"I love the trampoline. I have a huge trampoline in my garden -- huge!" she shares. "I've done trampoline things with Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel. I'm a big trampoline person."

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