Robert Pattinson scruffy

The bite stuff: Robert Pattinson's scruffy look makes us forget any economic woes . Photo: AP

It appears that "metro" has gone retro.

According to new research from Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, the financial crisis has inspired British men to abandon metrosexual grooming routines for sloppier, smellier "machosexuality," the Daily Express reports.

Thanks a lot, Wall Street!

The survey found that four out of five men in the UK have traded their hair gel and moisturizers in for a more unkempt "blokeish" look, the paper reports.

Well, it worked for Robert Pattinson.

"When the economic times get tough men often refocus on core masculine values," Professor Geoffrey Beattie of Manchester University told the Daily Express.

"In previous recessions men found other ways to reassert their masculinity outside of the world of work.

"Similarly, in this recession men are changing their lifestyle, patterns of consumption, and reassessing who they really are.

"The metrosexual man was concerned with how he looked and was not afraid to admit it. In 2010 we're seeing more men worrying about jobs and unemployment.

"Suddenly the man interested in his appearance is less relevant."

But listen up, guys, bad economy or not, there's only so much facial hair and B.O. we can stand.

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