Original Prova scarf replica Club Monaco version

Original Prova scarf (left) and replica Club Monaco version (right).

With numerous lawsuits against copy-cat designers making headlines (Fendi vs. Burlington Coat Factory, New Balance vs. Louis Vuitton, Burberry vs. TJ Maxx and Marshalls, etc.), one would think that fashion companies have been adequately warned about the legal repercussions -- and the public embarrassment -- that comes with ripping off another designer.

Unfortunately, it looks like there might be another battle on the horizon between contemporary chain Club Monaco and two independent designers based in New York, Giles & Brother and Prova.

At least three items from Club Monaco's Fall 2010 accessories offerings are in question, including the company's 'Open Cuff Bracelet' and 'Open Cuff Ring' that appear almost identical to the 'Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff' by Giles & Brother, the cult-collected indie jewelry house run by CFDA award winner Philip Crangi and his sister Courtney. (See Giles & Brother's piece here and Club Monaco's here).

Giles and Brothers necklace and bracelet. Photo: GilesandBrothers.com

The bracelet, as the name suggests, resembles a railroad spike, with a round top and sharp end that have been manipulated into a circular shape. Both versions are a brassy hue, with Club Monaco's bracelet coming unadorned, while Giles & Brother's version, a classic for the small company, is stamped with its logo.

Another possible rip-off is Club Monaco's 'Becky Beaded Scarf,' which features a subtle black and white pattern and dark beaded fringe, and looks to be heavily influenced by one of Irini Arakas' designs for her label Prova.

Sources tell StyleList that Club Monaco and Prova had discussed a possible collaboration earlier this year that did not go through.

Club Monaco's copy of the Giles and Brother's jewelry, available at Club Monaco. Photo: ClubMonaco.com

When asked about the similarities, Courtney from Giles & Brother responded: "Do I even need to comment?" while Arakas replied: "I think the pictures speak for themselves."

Club Monaco hasn't answered StyleList's request for comment as of press time.