Photo: Courtesy of More Magazine

Tim Quinn, national director of creative artistry for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, is about to participate in his fourth More Magazine Reinvention Convention.

Stylelist scored an interview with Quinn about the Convention, "It's an amazing day...all about reinventing all aspects of your life including health, finance, your closet, beauty -- anything you can think of. 700 women are there because they want to be! They're excited and there's great energy."

Quinn participates in a panel of beauty experts moderated by More Beauty Director Genevieve Monsma. "It's mostly women over 40 talking about how to change their look -- how to reflect the inner self on the outside. We give three models/attendees a mini-makeover targeting their 'issues' -- loss of radiance, small lips, droopy eye lids or just how to look appropriate at their age," explained Quinn.

"Most of the attendees are business women and want to look professional and put their best face forward. Armani Beauty Crema Nera Reviving Eye Cream costs $150 and sold out at last convention. It can instantly change the way you look. The eye area shows the most stress during the day and this cream really brightens and refreshes it," said Quinn of the most popular beauty item at the Convention.

Stylelist asked what areas women tend to be most concerned about. "Eyes and skin are the big focuses. Women want lustrous, glowing, youthful skin. After our panel session, the group becomes interactive. We have 10 Armani makeup artists on hand to help women try new look," said Quinn.

"Women fly in from all over. These are educated and affluent consumers. You leave the convention feeling so re-energized. It's about empowering women," said Quinn.

And there's still time to secure a spot at the New York event which takes place on Monday, October 18 and features such amazing speakers as ABC anchor Christiane Amanpour and author Anna Quindlen.