Project Runway Season 8 Episode 12 New York State of Mind Final Four Looks Mondo Guerra Gretchen Jones Andy South Michael Costello

Left to right, Mondo Guerra's Brooklyn Bridge-inspired dress, Gretchen Jones's Lower East Sid- inspired separates, Andy South's "winning" Central Park-inspired dress, and Michael Costello's Lady Liberty-inspired dress. Photos courtesy of Lifetime

To show their collections at the first Lincoln Center-based Fashion Week, the "Project Runway" contestants need to prove that "I Love New York" is more than just a slogan.

And sew it goes:

The Challenge: New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg asks the remaining five contestants to create an original look using a Big Apple landmark as inspiration.

The Urban Muses: Michael Costello picks the Statue of Liberty "because she's pretty." Mondo Guerra and April Johnston both scan the Brooklyn Bridge. Gretchen Jones walks the streets of the Lower East Side while Andy South goes all-natural and sketches trees and trails in Central Park.

The Workroom Drama: Guerra takes a power nap on the workroom sofa for 90 minutes during the final design challenge!!! Last week he sparred with judge Heidi Klum. He's officially lost his mind or is convinced he's the season 8 winner.

Johnston, who at 21 is the youngest designer left standing, is weepy at the notion that someone her age could make it so far on "PR" and whips out a bolt of predictable black fabric.

Tim Gunn is worried that South's dominatrix getup looks like something a "Real Housewife of New Jersey" might wear. So Teresa Giudice might have to buy it.

Costello is concerned that he's lost his way after visiting Lady Liberty and Gunn frets about the "tortured mess" on his mannequin.

Jones is being her bossy, opinionated, totally annoying self, but then gets all mushy. After butting heads with Gunn all season, she and the mentor hug it out. Now, it is just a little harder to hope she gets the "auf"!

The Surprise Guest Judge: Christian Siriano, season 4 winner and the show's greatest success story, joins the panel. StyleList gives props to the diminutive designer for returning to his reality alma mater, but we suspect he's just a little bit jealous of Guerra as he sniffs at his runway look and declares, "I don't love it. It's all right."

The rest of the judges are, as usual, Guerra-crazed.

The Post-Runway Drama: Although it's clear from the judges' critiques that Guerra and South are finale-bound, Klum puts each designer on the spot by asking who they would "invite" to show at Fashion Week. Everyone says Guerra, but he is the only contestant who recommends the oft-bullied Costello. South gets several mentions, but the contestants are divided over whether Jones or Johnston should move on.

Who's In the Final Four: Costello makes the cut for his "effortless, showstopper," flowing-black ode-to-freedom dress. Guerra gets a nod for his "playful and unique" bridge-to-success dress. South is in for his whip-smart Chinese prostitute dress. And (whew!) Jones gets through, although Siriano trashes her downtown-inspired separates look as "Eighth Avenue street vendor" while judge Michael Kors accuses the exhausted contestant of "losing her way."

Who's Out: Johnston is eliminated for showing the same black "pregnant witch" dress she's produced again and again. Siriano thought it was "very cool" but the house judges were bored stiff. "There's never any joy in your clothes," complains Kors as Johnston weeps.

It's Not Over:
The final four are sent home to create 10-piece collections. They will return next week for a final go-round with the judges, who will pick the final three based on their portfolios.

What StyleList Predicts: Guerra and South have Fashion Week places sewn up. The battle for the third will be between archrivals Costello and Jones.

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