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Dear StyleList,

Sultry and steamy Honolulu, Hawaii, is a mix of exotic tradition and modern trend. Think Polynesian, Asian and Pacific Islander culture with a dash of California beach style. The hot looks in this hot town range from surf bum chic to Asian bohemian simplicity to classic hipster edge.

Eyes: Long, lush lashes are the new "L" words for anyone looking to stay in style. Some go as far as to wear false eyelashes and heavy shadow on a daily basis to enhance what they've got. For Deena White Tearney, founder of Umee Honolulu, no eye shadow or heavy liner needed: natural fits well into the "less is more" category.

Julia's natural curls, Naomi's blunt-cut bangs and J. Lo's lightened locks. Photos: Steve Granitz, WireImage | Jason Merritt, Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy,

Hair: Wind-blown and natural is the look, as long as you look like you've just had a beach outing. "I like touchable hair," Deena says, adding that women should avoid crunchy locks. Some keep their natural hair color, but other women with darker skin tones prefer to lighten or highlight their tresses a shade or two. Blunt-cut bangs with soft layers for those with bone straight hair are also becoming trendy. For gals with curly or wavy locks, loose curls are the way to go. Whether it's curly or straight, long, if not very long is the norm here.

Nails: French tips are still in, but not so much as the neatly manicured natural nail or a solid, matte color. Again, the point is to be as natural and simple as possible.

Lips: Anything from a solid red, sultry lip to a natural, matte gloss is what's on the lips of local beauties. It's simply determined by personal preference and whether you're hitting the beach or something more trendy, like a night on the town, "Pink lips or cheeks are my favorite," says Deena. Wahines still love the nude lip.

Embracing our natural beauty is what keeps this tropical city so style-forward. It's about discovering what looks good on your skin tone and body type and making it your own. Enjoy being beautiful!


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