Model Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova, tell us how you really feel. Photo: Stefania D'Alessandro/

If there's one thing Paulina Porizkova has learned from her experience as a model, it's that being beautiful can get awfully ugly.

So says the '80s cover girl in a scathing new interview in which she groans about growing older, slams her fellow supermodels, and disses celebrities with bad plastic surgery.

"Nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman's ego," the 45-year-old Czech tells the New York Post. "When you have used your beauty to get around, it's like having extra cash in your back pocket.

"I was so used to walking down the street and having the young guys passing by at least give me a flicker of a look. But once you're over 40, you become invisible. You're a brick in the building and it's sad. It just feels like the sun went down a little bit. It got a little cloudy outside."

Once one of the industry's most in-demand models, the former Sports Illustrated cover girl went on to enjoy a brief film career, including starring opposite Tom Selleck in 1989's "Her Alibi." But these days, Porizkova claims the job offers are few and far between.

"I'm too old to model," she says, "and I'm too old to act."

Porizkova's luck was no better when she became a judge on "America's Next Top Model" in 2008. Fired after just one season, she later complained that host Tyra Banks didn't speak to her when the cameras were off. Porizkova now says that contestants competing on Banks's show need a big dose of reality.

"[They're] living in a Cinderella world and Tyra's the fairy godmother who can make all your dreams come true," she says. "But the one guarantee that you will never make it as a model is to go on that show."

The mom of two, who is married to singer Ric Ocasek, is equally harsh when it comes to fellow model Naomi Campbell. "I have nothing kind to say about Naomi," says Porizkova, who intentionally distanced herself from the supermodel supergroup that was once Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista.

"I was always asked to be bunched in there but I didn't want to be part of the herd. The only one I really had a problem with, though, was Naomi... When she was starting out, she was the most obsequious ass-kisser there was, and two years later, she was like, 'I don't know your name.'"

But Campbell isn't the only famous face who gets Porizkova P.O.'ed. She's also lashing out at stars like Nicole Kidman and Madonna for seemingly altering their appearance with perhaps a bit of filler in their faces. "Nicole is my pet peeve, I swear," says Porizkova, who has had neither a nip nor a tuck. "She and Madonna used to be so gorgeous and sexy."

And don't get her started on supermodel Janice Dickinson. "She was one of the most beautiful girls you've ever seen in your whole life," says Porizkova. "Now she looks like a transvestite."

Porizkova is slightly kinder when discussing current catwalk queen Gisele Bündchen, though she believes the Brazilian bombshell's days are numbered now that she's made motherhood a priority over modeling.

"Gisele," Porizkova declares, "is already a goner."

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