Ever thought of choosing your hairstyles by face shape? The right haircut and hairstyle can draw attention to your best facial features, and shift attention from anything you want to disguise. In our video series, The Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape, we explore the styles that look best on round, oval, square, long, and heart shaped faces.

Vanessa, before and after her Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape makeover. Photos: Cory Sorensen

Our latest makeover client comes to us with a head full of unruly ringlets. Even though Vanessa Paul says her current style is easy, wearing her tight curls in a ponytail are not flattering to her oval face shape.

Celebrity hairstylist Shirlena Allen knows a thing or two about curly coifs so she gets to work on making Vanessa's hair sexy and simple.

After straightening her strands for precise cutting, Allen snips off the uneven ends and creates much-needed shape with volume. She then wets Vanessa's hair and allows it to dry naturally. And even though this new hairstyle is virtually maintenance-free, it still looks chic.

"Just shampoo, condition and go!" Vanessa says.

Do you have kinky, curly hair, too? If so, you won't want to miss this sleek style makeover!

And if you're not sure what shape your face is, take this quiz and find out!