Janie Bryant Nailtini Nail Polish Line

Janie Bryant's glitzy and glamorous Nailtini nail polish line. Courtesy of Nailtini

When we heard that "Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant was set to collaborate on a polish line with Nailtini, we anticipated the kind of sumptuously manicured fingertips that Joan Holloway would flick a cigarette between.

Now that the $14 limited-edition set of four polishes -- the perfect beauty gift for the holidays -- have rolled out to Duane Reade Look Boutiques and QVC.com, it looks like our verdict was right on target.

The Emmy award winning designer says it was the lush fabrics of the retro-chic era past that conjured the color choices for her new collection. "I've been inspired as much by classic cocktail culture as by vintage treasures from the fabric store," says Bryant. "Rich velvets, heavy satins and opulent lamés are the makings of classic cocktail attire, and the inspiration for my Nailtini collection."

Bourbon Satin is intended to evoke a chocolate pour, with dark sable shimmer that mimics the sleek folds of satin. French 75 takes a cue from lamé with a deep 18K gold gleam, while Deauville flashes platinum silver in anticipation of a celebration. Stinger rounds out the collection with a dark plum-black that is dressed up with a glint of iridescent reflection.

And while parent company 'Tini Beauty recommends layering -- or "cocktailing" -- their polishes for a custom look, we think the rich palette of this collection calls for a straight-up shot of one shade for the most dramatic effect.

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