JWoWW at her Filthy Couture fashion show back in July. Photo: Getty Images

It seems all those ladies on the hunt for cleavage-baring, guido-catching clothing will have to look for options other than JWoWW's aptly named Filthy Couture line -- at least for a while.

According to RadarOnline.com, the busty "Jersey Shore" star turned designer is shuttering her barely four-month-old fashion line, which she debuted in July at a runway show in Vegas.

A source tells the site that the label, which was sold online at FilthyCouture.com, was closed after another company with a similar name threatened a lawsuit.

A friend of JWoWW (aka Jenni Farley) tells Radar: "Due to trademark issues the company was shut down. She could have given her line a new name, but instead just let it go.

"Money needed to be returned to the people who had ordered clothing. She's no longer designing clothes for her line, and I'm not sure if she'll ever do it again. She couldn't handle the clothing line and didn't really have the help she needed."

However, JWoWW is denying those accusations and tried to set things straight on her Twitter page:

"Clear things up!" she tweeted. "I'm designing a new fall line but holding it off for something very exciting! + my management is getting my line in stores. Online sales have stopped for these 2 reasons. Lol these stories r hysterical."

Hmmm...we hope those "exciting" plans include a collaboration with Snooki or The Situation. Y'know, just to double or triple up the ridiculousness.

In the meantime, while we find out what's really going down with the label, read our interview with JWoWW in which she talks about designing clothes, as well as her dreams to launch a line of tanning creams and skin-care products.

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