Here's what's happening around the web this morning:

Marion Cotillard Hits London for New Lady Dior Ad
Dior's latest ad sees French beauty Marion Cotillard perched on the London Eye. Love the teased bob, baby.
[Fab Sugar UK]

Abigail Breslin Gets Rock 'n' Roll Makeover for Bullett
Who you callin' Little Miss Sunshine? Abigail Breslin goes punk in studs and black leather for Bullett Magazine.
[Just Jared]

London to Host First Disabled Fashion Show
Friday is the launch of Fashion with Passion, the first fashion show to feature disabled and non-disabled models and designers. Wish we were there.
[Vogue UK]

Kate Moss Rocks New Bangs
MIA: Kate Moss' forehead. The supermodel showed off new bangs at a party for Bryan Ferry.
[InStyle UK]

Fendi Wins Burlington Coat Factory Lawsuit
Cha-ching! Fendi has won more than $10 million from Burlington Coat Factory in a settlement over counterfeiting charges.

Dyeing Hair Could Kill Teenage Girl
Doctors have told a British teen that using hair dye could kill her, following a severe allergic reaction to Garnier dye. Suddenly roots don't seem so bad.
[Daily Mail]