Christy Turlington Burns Avon 'Slip Into' Fragrance

Christy Turlington Burns knows how to sell a sexy scent. Photo courtesy of Avon

You know how slipping into that sexy pair of stilettos makes you stand up taller, and instantly feel more confident and alluring?

Avon is looking to recreate that transformative feeling with the launch of a new fragrance -- Slip Into -- that the beauty brand has tapped model Christy Turlington Burns to front.

Yet funny enough for the 5'10 mom of two -- daughter Grace is seven, and son Finn is four -- the model says that she is rarely in heels, preferring instead to go barefoot or step into flip-flops and tennis shoes. Grace has even told her perpetually dressed-down mom, "You're not a fancy mom."

Turlington Burns agrees, though she's unapologetic. "I'm not one of the moms who wears heels when dropping the kids at school," the model told WWD. (Although we're wondering: who does?)

However, the pouty-lipped brunette does love to reach for a pair of stilettos for a special night out, usually opting for her favorite Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga or Givenchy heels. "I wear it if I want to elevate my spirit or if I'm going out," the model says of stilettos. "And if I'm putting on a pair of heels, I am definitely putting on a fragrance."

That perfect stiletto and scent pairing is not lost on Avon. 'Slip Into' is an oriental floral, with sweet notes of freesia, blackberry and violet leaf, blended with a heart of butterfly orchid, violet and rosewood. The drydown leaves a hint of golden amber, sueded orris root and the woody Cashmeran.

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc (IFF) created the scent, which will first launch in Europe as Slip Into in January, and then debut in Latin America in March as Step Sexy. The fragrance will finally make its way to North American shores next October 2011, as Step Into Sexy. We hear that it'll be the big Avon fragrance for the next holiday season, with a 1.7 fl oz eau de parfum retailing for $28.

But if four-inch stilettos have you hobbling in pain, you'll be thrilled to know -- the shorter mid-heel popularized by First Lady Michelle Obama is back in a big way this Fall.

Speakign of which, did you know what men don't even notice when women wear high heels? Its true!