Threeasfour Tony Cohen Victor de Souza Fall 2010

Geometric eyeliner on the Fall 2010 runways of Threeasfour, Tony Cohen, and Victor de Souza. Photos: ImaxTree | Jemal Countess, Getty Images for IMG | Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images for OW! Onorato Wixom

This fall, it's all about making your own mark when it comes to your eye makeup.

Sharply lined eyes emerged on the Fall 2010 runways of Threeasfour, Tony Cohen, and Victor de Souza. And hot young stars like Taylor Swift, Serena Williams, and Kelly Osbourne have all pushed the boundaries of shape when rocking dramatic eye makeup.

"It's a futuristic look which makes it interesting," says Charlotte Willer, Maybelline New York's global makeup artist, who brought an out-of-this-world finish to models backstage at the Spring 2011 fashion shows for Z Spoke by Zac Posen and L.A.M.B. "It makes some shapes appear larger and draws attention to the eye."

MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist Victor Cembellin agrees that this season it is all about reworking classic beauty statements in contemporary ways.

"We've traded in the 'Marilyn flick' for a much more individual and unique approach to this eye popper," adds Cembellin. "Geometric eyeliner is popular for a couple reasons. One: makeup artists often feel a strong line (in a variety of colors) lends more of a statement in enhancing the eye than several eye shadow colors all blended together. Two: geometric liner can convey a variety of personalities and attitudes simply depending on the shape, the color, the thickness, and the texture of the line executed."

Ready to conquer this eye-catching beauty trend, StyleList tasked New York makeup artist Emily Kate Warren to mold these runway looks into wearable, geometric eyeliner on a real woman -- namely, Min Wei, business development director at AOL.

As you can see in the photo slider below (move the button from left to right to see before and after shots), the geometric eyeliner trend is a fun way to add spontaneity to your normal beauty routine.

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geometric eyeliner

Use a white eye pencil in the inner corners of the lashline to make the brightly colored liner pop. Photo: Ben Ritter for AOL

Start by drawing a line with a brightly colored pencil from your outer corners to the middle of your lashline. Warren applied a teal eye pencil to make a bold statement. Using a white pencil like NARS Eyeliner Pencil in Iceberg, continue drawing from mid lashline to the inner corner.

Gently trace along the lower edge of your new line with a small, dry shadow brush. "The line should look like it seamlessly changes from one color to the next with no stopping or starting point," says Warren.

And Cembellin is all for trying geometric eyeliner under the eye (as seen right) versus on top of the eye when experimenting with color. "For so many years now I've been to weddings, parties and dinners where women want to show ff their flare for eye shadow colors...they have to lean back their head, close their eyes, or look down to the side," he says. "Playing with liner under the eye solves this problem as color will be showcased 100 percent of the time and not during the occasional blinks.

Warren keeps the rest of our model's face neutral by adding a soft blush and neutral lip gloss. Pro tip for healthy, natural-looking lips: apply a bit of lip balm to the lips to moisten them. Then apply lipstick.

"When you apply lipstick on top of balm this way, it will appear more transparent," recommends Willer. "It's a nice compliment to a dramatic eye look."

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