Christian Siriano American Express event roling rack dresses

"PR" alum Christian Siriano and his rolling rack of voluminous dresses. Photo courtesy of American Express

Christian Siriano knows who loves him.

The designer, who rose to fame as a "Project Runway" winner, is expanding his collection at Payless ShoeSource from merely dress shoes to up to 20 styles of shoes, boots, sandals, and handbags for Fall 2011.

He is also considering a higher-priced footwear line to complement his ready-to-wear collection, Footwear News reports.

Siriano knows many of his fans cannot afford his signature frocks, which can carry four- or even five-digit price tags.

"That's why I do the Payless collection, because a lot of the fans are young and can't afford the clothing," he recently told StyleList.

The designer spent an evening with 40 American Express Platinum Card members -- presumably his customers -- at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, chatting about current shopping, spring trends, and fashion in general. He also showed dresses from his Spring 2011 collection, which could be pre-ordered that night.

Mingling with his people is one of Siriano's favorite things to do, he admitted.

"As a younger designer, being with the customer is the best knowledge you can get," he said. "That's how I design my collections. I don't know if everyone loves them, but my fan does, which is important."

His die-hard followers could be satisfied shortly by a lower-priced Siriano clothing collection.

"I've definitely toyed with the idea and want to make sure I can do what I want to do," he said. "That will be the goal for the next couple years."

Christian Siriano Spring 2011 collection gowns

Three gorgeous gowns from Siriano's Spring 2011 collection. Photo courtesy of American Express

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