Brooklyn Decker. Photo: Getty Images

Even a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model can have physical insecurities.

That's what Brooklyn Decker -- who is also wife of tennis great Andy Roddick -- tells StyleList. Known for her pictorial romps in Victoria's Secret skivvies and swimsuits, the 23 year-old says that no woman should feel like they need to live up to the type of glossy images she makes famous.

"There's a full-on hair, makeup and lighting team to make sure things look good. It's all expertly orchestrated, and any normal woman who had all that on hand would look amazing too," says Decker via telephone in Hawaii, where she's currently filming the action film Battleship, also starring Liam Neeson, Rihanna and Alexander Skarsgard.

A spokesperson for Gilette's Venus franchise, the sporty 5' 9 blonde counts the Embrace razor, CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara and good ol' lip balm as her three can't-live-without items when traveling and on photo shoots. "The mascara is easy to find in a drugstore no matter where I am...and I'm always in bathing suits, so I have to make sure I always have that razor with me," says Decker.

Two tips for looking hot on your next beach vacation come from personal been-there, done-that moments. "If you're shaving, give yourself at least an hour before you jump into salt water, or else you're going to get lots of little red bumps," remembers Decker. And if you're snapping pics, you'll surprisingly want to avoid the sun. "When taking pictures, the most flattering thing you can do is to stay out of direct sunlight because it can cast strange shadows on your body -- instead, always look for shade, like under a palm tree," advises Decker.

Photo: Getty Images

The Ohio native also swears by Satin Care In Shower Moisturizer for quick in-and-out showers, so that she doesn't need to use body lotion afterwards. The lotion is like an aloe vera mask for the body that absorbs in warm, steamy showers, and comes in sensitive, dry and regular formulas.

And with a cover-worthy body like that, it's no surprise that Decker works out regularly, though she does admit that like so many of us, she has been bitten by the boredom bug lately. "I'm sort of in a rut as we speak. We've been in Hawaii for a couple of months now filming, and I've been taking long runs followed with weightlifting," says Decker. "My body feels like it's getting used to it, so I probably need to add in yoga or kickboxing to mix it up a bit. There's no real secret to being in shape, it's just all about healthy eating and plentiful exercise."

Yet the blonde beauty's top tip has more to do with a state of mind than a product or workout regime.

"Every woman -- no matter her shape or size -- has insecurities, especially when it comes to being in a bathing suit on the beach. But I'm sure you've seen it -- if a woman looks confident, it's instantly sexy, no matter what her shape or age."

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