When it comes to Halloween costumes, nobody does it better than supermodel Heidi Klum.

No drugstore witch costumes or hole-ridden sheets for this gal. And as her annual Halloween party (co-sponsored by StyleList this year!) approaches, we thought we'd scare up a few of the Ann Taylor spokeswoman's getups from Halloweens past and find out the inside scoop from her costume mastermind and Victoria's Secret wingman, Martin Izquierdo.

StyleList: What is your design process for Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes?
Martin Izquierdo: Heidi usually comes up with the idea of what she wants to be. Then I do the designs/renderings. We meet halfway. There is talking and sketching before she starts filming "Project Runway" in town [NYC]. The first fitting happens before she is done shooting the show and then we fit again around the time of Fashion Week.

SL: Do you have a favorite costume?
MI: Each year, the costume we are working on is our favorite because it's a challenge. It's always our favorite.

SL: What was the most challenging costume to create?
MI: Making something comfortable for a pregnant woman -- the apple.

SL: Which is better: scary or sexy?
MI: Because it's Heidi, everything becomes sexy. Even when we did a vampire with a bleeding heart -- which on anyone else would be scary -- on her, extremely sexy.

Check back tomorrow morning for a first look at what Heidi Klum is going to be dressed as this year.

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