Cat couture at its finest via United Bamboo's 2011 cat calendar. Photo: Courtesy of United Bamboo

It's baaaaack, folks! United Bamboo's much celebrated cat calendar, in which felines are dressed up in the New York-based label's Fall 2010, Resort 2011 and Spring 2011 goods (cat-sized, of course), is finally here.

Cat couture fiends should head over to to pre-order the $50 limited-edition wonder, which was shot by Noah Sheldon in August and features a ridiculously cute gray cat on the cover in a fur-trimmed parka.

The 12-month calendar measures 13.35" x 10" and will be shipped on November 15.

While United Bamboo isn't giving us any more peaks into the calendar, published a behind-the-scenes report at the end of the summer that shows a model cat in a black-edged white blazer, a cat in a collared shirt dress and another in a gray cableknit sweater.

The designers also explained to the site that there was an emphasis on long-haired cats this year (opposed to short-hairs in 2010) and that they had to go through 100 kitty applicants before settling on the finalists, which include cats identified as Ziggy, Poncho, Bamboo and Shuvel Face (seriously), among others.

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